Website Statistics

OpenTravel has an comprehensive site statistics package which allows your company to gain the following information. This information is in realtime and accessable 24/7 via the internet. Your site statistics are also emailed directly to your company's inbox on a weekly basis.

Below is a list of reports and statistics you can generate from the system;

How much web traffic do I get?

  • Web traffic summary
  • Recent web traffic
  • Web traffic log
  • Hourly web traffic graph
  • Daily web traffic graph
  • Web session duration
  • Web session page views
How do people use my web site?
  • Most popular pages
  • Most popular links
  • Most popular folders
  • Entry pages
  • Exit pages
  • Page navigation
  • Page durations
Which sites send traffic to me?
  • Referring web pages
  • Referring web sites
  • Referring search engines
  • Search words
  • Search phrases
  • Search engines & phrases
  • Search engine spiders
Is my advertising working?
  • Commerce traffic log
  • Commerce referrers
  • Commerce entry pages
  • Commerce search words
  • Commerce search phrases
  • Commerce engines & phrases
  • Commercial email tracking
Where do my visitors live?
  • Host domains
  • Countries
  • Languages
  • Time zones
  • Hour of the day
What technology do people use?
  • Web browsers
  • Web browser settings
  • Operating systems
  • Color quality
  • Screen resolution

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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